2016 Season Prize Drawing Winners Announced

It was certainly fun to be a part of the final season at Turner Field this year, launching for the Atlanta Braves in the MLB Ballpark app. We got fantastic responses from users about how much baseball is suited for a real-time, live action game like FanBeat, keeping fans engaged between innings and rewarding knowledgeable fans through trivia as well as predict-the-action questions.

In addition to competing for great game prizes night in and night out, like tickets, autographed balls, and team merchandise, there’s another reason Braves FanBeat players came back game after game. Fans racked up season point totals to be entered into a drawing at the end of the year to be selected for some really memorable season prizes, including autographed jerseys, a trip to Braves FanFest at SunTrust Park to meet their favorite players, a trip to spring training in Orlando, and – oh yeah – $5,000 from the Georgia Lottery.

So, without further ado, exactly one month after the final game at Turner Field, it’s time to officially announce the winners from our season prize drawing.

Autographed jersey  winners (at least 50,000 points) – I❤️homer, Hjhuber, Suzy, Rkstanfi, Brian Snitker, Dgfarr, Misty, & Lherrington

FanFest Meet & Greet winners (at least 65,000 pts) – Sway, 5gobraves5, Wiggins49 & Jayhawks

Spring Training Trip 2017 winner (at least 75,000 points) – Tmc1411

$5,000 from the Georgia Lottery (at least 85,000 points) – Traylor23

Again, thank you to all the Braves fans who played FanBeat this year. We’re already excited about opening 2017 at SunTrust Park.


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