A Spring Training Trip to Remember

At the end of the 2016 season, diehard Braves fan Mitch Campbell got to witness the final game at Turner Field – a 1-0 win over the Tigers.

Campbell then experienced another thrilling win a few weeks later.

In early November, Campbell was the winner of one of the Braves FanBeat season-prize drawings, eclipsing the 75,000-point threshold and winning a trip to Braves spring training in 2017.

Before we look ahead to 2017, which should be an historic season as the Braves move into SunTrust Park with a squad that could be much-improved on the field, we caught up with Campbell, who traveled down to the Braves’ spring training complex in mid-March with his girlfriend Sway, an equally avid Braves fan.

Here’s a Q & A with Campbell on his trip down to Orlando, as well as some pics that he and Sway snapped while they were down there.

What was the most memorable part of your trip to spring training?

Honestly if I had to pick the most memorable part, it’d have to be the fact that it was the very first spring training experience for both of us. The Braves hold a very special place in our relationship. When Sway and I first started dating, a Braves game in hot Atlanta June was one of our first dates.

Which Braves are you most excited to watch this season and which new Brave are you most excited to see?

Ender Inciarte is my favorite. I just like the way that he is aggressive and smart in the outfield. Sway’s favorite is Nick Markakis.

I’m looking forward to watching Bartolo Colon do his thing on the mound this season. We watched him last year when the Mets were in town and he was a lot of fun to watch.

Any tips or strategies for other Braves FanBeat players playing the game this season? What were your most memorable or favorite questions from 2016?

We really enjoyed all the questions, especially the ones where you have to guess how the Braves will do within the next out or inning. As far as tips and strategies when playing the game, just have fun and play!

We’ve actually met great friends through this game. Last year we were playing along when I hear the guy behind me so enthused about Braves FanBeat also playing along. Come to find out it was Hugh T and we’ve been friends since then.

The Braves FanBeat team is excited for Opening Day and the opportunity to be part of the inaugural season at SunTrust Park. Be sure to play along by downloading the MLB Ballpark app, then clicking the Braves FanBeat icon inside the app. Look for questions in the app between innings this year and you could well win your own trip to spring training in 2018.


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