Perfect Prize Launch

We are proud to be partnering with the Atlanta Braves and Georgia Lottery to offer the first ever live-action game “perfect prize”, $1 million in cash to any Braves fan who correctly answers all 28 questions during tonight’s Braves vs. Marlins game. Braves fans can play for free by accessing the FanBeat game from the Ballpark app. We will be running this new promotion for the remaining 51 Braves home games this season.

In addition to the million dollar prize, the Braves and Georgia Lottery are continuing to give away other great prizes to top game performers like a VIP spring training trip, $5,000 in cash, autographed team jerseys, and a batting practice experience.

By giving Braves fans a “stake in the action” with predictive questions like “what will Matt Kemp do in his next at bat?”, FanBeat gives Braves fans an added incentive to enjoy more baseball action throughout the season. Georgia Lottery recognizes FanBeat as a unique platform for reaching Braves fans during the excitement of a live game with a variety of content ranging from informational messages about the Lottery’s contribution to education in Georgia to actionable promos highlighting their new Diggi Games.

The FanBeat team is hard at work on launches for other sports beyond Major League Baseball. The perfect prize raises the stakes and excitement level for fans, delivering significant engagement and value to our team, league, media and big-brand sponsors.


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