Bulls $1 Million FanBeat Challenge!

We at FanBeat are very proud to partner with the Chicago Bulls and AT&T to offer the NBA’s most innovative – and most rewarding – live-action fan competition.

Bulls fans all season have been answering a mix of predict-the-action and trivia questions for a chance to win some really cool prizes like game tickets, an autographed ball and jersey, and even use of a penthouse suite during a 2018-19 home game.

Then there’s the ultimate prize – $1 million to any Bulls fan who answers all questions correctly during a game. We haven’t had a big winner yet, but “GoBulls” got close during the December 4 Cavaliers game, answering 24 out of 28 questions correctly. And starting with the January 13 Pistons game, we’re making it even easier for a fan to claim the $1 million by limiting the game to 20 questions. Want to try it out? Check out the latest game.

The Bulls – and all our team, league and media partners – enjoy multiple benefits from the FanBeat program:

– Higher fan engagement (FanBeat players on average watch 91+ minutes of Bulls action per game)

– Personalized fan relationships (59% of Bulls FanBeat players register with an email address)

–  Incremental sponsor revenue (FanBeat programs are typically underwritten by sponsors – AT&T in the case of the Bulls)

If you are a team, league or media company interested in these benefits for your business, contact us at sales@fanbeat.com to learn more.


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