Golf Channel and Callaway Transform the Viewing Experience

We are proud to be working with two innovative partners in Golf Channel (NBC) and Callaway as we take a big first step in transforming the way golf fans enjoy watching live golf action on TV.

How many players will break par today? Who will hit it closest to the pin on the long par-three 17th? Henrik Stenson with a 20 foot putt for eagle – will he make it? Golf viewers can now play along and get in on the action, competing for more than $60,000 in Callaway equipment prizes. And if any player correctly answers all questions in a single round, he/she wins $1,000,000 (or a share if multiple players ace all the questions).

What’s the value to Golf Channel and NBC? We’ve now proven across more than 300 live sporting events that viewers playing a FanBeat Challenge watch more of the action – significantly more. And that translates directly to ratings and more advertising revenue across the property.

What’s the value to Callaway? Callaway has title sponsor branding on the most innovative play-along experience in sports and controls all the advertising inventory within the game – interstitial images and videos; branded questions; featured prize board products; and actionable promos. Callaway is able to create a unique dialogue with golf fans on the mobile device during the excitement of a tournament, amplifying the investment they are already making in the linear programming and in other digital assets.

We are looking forward to launching future national programs with other media, league and brand partners, but right now we are very excited and focused on making Callaway’s $1 Million FanBeat Challenge a highly engaging experience for golf fans and a valuable activation for our partners, Golf Channel and Callaway.


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