We were pleased to offer FanBeat Super-8, our first free-to-play, direct-to-consumer game for the 2021 Super Bowl with over $53,000 in cash and prizes available for our FanBeat player community to win. The game was an 8-question, post-and-go game format challenging fans with a unique roster of predictive play questions:

This Super Bowl features arguably the greatest in QB matchup in NFL history with Brady and Mahomes. How many total TD passes will the two superstars combine for?

Six of the last 10 Super Bowls have been decided by a touchdown or less. What will be the final point margin of this game?

Who will be named the MVP of Super Bowl LV? 

While the game on the field did not live up to the hype (congrats to the Buccaneers and MVP Tom Brady!), the Super-8 competition was a close one as players vied for one of the top 25 prize positions on our leaderboard. With our updated numeric scoring system in place, closer answers earned more points creating a true skill-based challenge where the best guesser (Moonraker) out of  thousands of players took the top spot at the end of the night and walked away with a 50-inch 4K TV. 

Top winners for the Super-8 game included:

TCL 50-inch 4K Smart LED TV — Moonraker

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet — Robert Szymanowski

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker (3) — nollm, Hunter9, figment

$2,000 Halftime Share-Your-Picks prize —  Logan774 

Unfortunately, no players correctly answered all 8 questions to win the night’s perfect prize of $50,000, but we expect to have a lot more FanBeat competitions and chances to win in 2021!



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