Beat the Buzzer, powered by FanBeat, is back!

During the most important stretch of the season, FanBeat has been inserted into the lineup for the Portland Trail Blazers. 

As the NBA Playoffs are underway, FanBeat is excited to partner with the Blazers and Toyota during the postseason for the second straight year. In 2020, we launched our 20-question, live-action format for the league’s restart and Portland’s first-round series against the Lakers in Orlando. In 2021, we’ve launched our post-and-go format, with 8 predictive questions available to answer at any point up until tip-off for all Blazers road games. The Blazers’ first-round series against the Denver Nuggets started last Saturday, with Beat the Buzzer running for Games 1 and 2.

As more teams and leagues look to build on their predictive gaming offering to engage fans and meet the needs of sponsors, FanBeat again stood out to Toyota — with the brand’s opportunity to be woven into the game content as a major factor. On the platform, there are numerous ways for the sponsor to be seamlessly integrated into the gameplay — from prominent branding at the top of the prizeboard, to full-screen interstitial ad units after questions.

In fact, Toyota is even part of the prize lineup. Any user that answers all 8 questions correctly will win a 2021 Toyota Highlander and $50,000!

8 new questions are posted the day of every Blazers road playoff game. Your next chance to play is Game 5 on Tuesday, June 1. Go to to get your picks in.


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